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A Day at the Ballet

Did you know that the San Francisco Ballet is the oldest ballet company in the entire United States? In fact, they were the first company to perform The Nutcracker in the US in 1944. This April, the San Francisco Ballet is performing 3 different programs, all of which are performed at the War Memorial Opera House. This historic venue is about half an hour from the LiA Hotel, so you will want to plan ahead for your evening at the ballet. The first offering, Program 6, is a production of Swan Lake, and it will run until April 15. The next, Program 7, is Trio, Thatcher, & Within the Golden Hour which will have a April5-April 18 run. Lastly, Program 8 is a breathtaking performance of Cinderella. Get your tickets early for this performance that goes from April 28 until May 7. Regardless of the show that you are able to attend, the San Francisco Ballet always puts on a beautiful and memorable performance.