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San Carlos, California (650) 209-7208

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Blue Oak Brewing

Whether you consider yourself a beer connoisseur or you just enjoy a cold beer every now and again, you will to plan a visit to the Blue Oak Brewing company in San Carlos. The Blue Oak Brewing tasting room is less than a mile from the LiA Hotel, so you can easily walk if the weather cooperates. This small microbrewery is open 3 days a week: Thursdays from 3:30- 8PM, Fridays from 5PM- 11PM, and Saturdays from 2PM- 11PM. While at the tasting room, you can sample any or all of the beers on tap including the Archimedes American IPA, Pineapple Express American IPA, Brother Francois Belgian Golden, Father Francois Belgian Quad, Dark & Dirty American Stout, and Sour Grapes Kettle Sour Ale. After just one visit, you are sure to have a new favorite beer from your new favorite brewery. Be sure to stop by the store before you leave to pick up a shirt or hat.