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Flying Suitcase Wine

The casual wine fan and the wine connoisseur alike are sure to enjoy a weekend afternoon spent at the Flying Suitcase Winery Tasting Room. Located about a mile from Hotel LiA, Flying Suitcase was started by husband and wife Anders and Vikki Vinther in 2007. Their love for wine and Anders’ background in biochemistry has allowed the couple to create some truly amazing wines. The tasting room is open from Friday through Sunday. There is even an indoor play area for the kids, making this a great opportunity for a family outing. Some wine favorites include Diversion, a breathtaking Sauvignon Blanc, Wanderlust, a delightful Zinfandel, and Passage, an out of this world Syrah. No matter your personal tastes, you are sure to find a new favorite at Flying Suitcase. Once you have enjoyed a tasting of the wines, be sure to grab a few to take home with you. You can share with friends at home!