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Orchids in Wonderland

“Curiouser and curiouser” Alice proclaimed on more than one occasion during her travels through Wonderland. That simple phrase is the inspiration and theme for the 2018 Pacific Orchid Exposition. In fact, Alice and her experiences in Wonderland are the theme for the exposition and The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party is the theme for this year’s gala. The Pacific Orchid Exposition takes place in famous Golden Gate Park which is about 40 minutes from the LiA Hotel, but this annual event is absolutely worth the drive. Taking place from February 23rd until February 25th, with a gala on February 22nd, the Pacific Orchid Exposition allows visitors the opportunity to view award winning orchids and the chance to speak with talented orchid growers like Lynne Murrell. With plenty of lunch options, beer and wine drink selections, and even a silent auction, you will definitely want to follow Alice down the rabbit hole for the Wonderland-themed Pacific Orchid Exposition.