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The City of Good Living

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San Carlos has a rich history that's worth reading into. While the City of San Carlos website has a more detailed historical timeline, below are a few highlights:

The first known inhabitants of San Carlos were groups of the Ohlone Indians, who lived along the coast between Monterey and San Francisco. The Ohlone lived a peaceful life, hunting deer and small game and relying on the bay and ocean for food. They used reeds that grew near the bay and along the many creeks in the area to build their homes and canoes.

In August 1775, Lt. Juan Manuel de Ayala brought his sailing ship, the San Carlos, into San Francisco Bay and anchored in what is now Ayala Cove. His mission was to develop a map of the bay on which future Spanish ship captains could rely. Ayala has the distinction of being the first navigator to enter our port.

By 1925, the citizens of San Carlos voted to incorporate as a city. Frederick Drake, known as the "Father of San Carlos", coined the motto "The City of Good Living".