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To the Clouds

The Hiller Aviation Museum, located less than 2 miles from the LiA Hotel, offers a variety of hands-on exhibits that allow visitors to immerse themselves in the wonders of flight. At the Invention Lab, guests are able to use special tools to investigate the mysteries of aviation, engineering, and aerodynamics. The Flight Sim Zone puts you in control of a virtual flight across the Bay with some help from volunteer pilots. At the FMX Flight Simulator, a pilot instructor guides you through the process of flying a plane in an FAA approved simulation. Lastly, the Droneplex area features instruction on how to correctly and expertly maneuver the extremely popular drones that have become almost ubiquitous in society. With this wide variety of hands-on activities, there is something for the whole family to enjoy at the Hiller Aviation Museum. Don’t forget to explore the rest of the museum for other exciting exhibits dedicated to the history of human flight.